söndag 25 december 2011

firat jul på fel ställe?

...då kanske något av de här fastighetsobjekten i USA kan vara något att investera i till nästa Jul?

Five Mountain Estates With a Chance at a White Christmas

Mount Charleston, Nev., just an hour outside of Las Vegas. Currently listed for $3.9M.
"the vaulted ceilings leave plenty of room for one massive Christmas tree."

Montana's Yellowstone Club The price is available upon request.
"...includes a members-only ski area adjacent to Big Sky, has a wide range of housing types, from slopeside condos to sprawling log homes on acres of Montana mountainside."

Telluride, Colo., in the southern part of the state, it carries a $21M price tag.
"... the buyers get a bowling alley, billiards table, and video game room in the basement for good measure."

Teton Village, Wy. is a dream destination for skiers and snowboarders looking for a challenge. Well, this estate will add another challenge to their bucket list: paying off a $16.5M vacation.

Park City, Utah is for sale at a discount. For eight bedrooms and nine baths on 7.8 acres, the current owners are asking $7.5M.

Alla bilderna kommer från Curbed.com och här är länkarna för dig som vill kontakta respektive mäklarfirma:

Hus 1 4910 Cougar Ridge Trail [Zillow]
Hus 2 Custom Residence 18 [Yellowstone Club]
Hus 3 Autumn Ridge [Zillow]
Hus 4 7730 N Granite Ridge Rd [Zillow]
Hus 5 120 White Pine Canyon Rd [Zillow]

...så slipper du trängas med svärmor och svärfar nästa år!

God fortsättning önskar Finaste Huset!

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