torsdag 22 november 2012


Some properties are so outrageous that the souls who run real estate blogs hope and pray that they will eventually come on the market. This is one of them: the low-lying water world that Miami architect Charles Sieger (known for multi-million-dollar residential high-rises) built for himself smack in a land-locked Miami neighborhood. Now that moat-surrounded castle is for sale for the first time since its completion in 2007 with a list price of $10.9M. länk
Eller på ren svenska, en del skrytbyggen är så otroligt dumma att ingen fattar nåt. Vad heter storhetsvansinne på engelska? Eller har de inte uppfunnit det ordet i USA?

Klippt från kommentarerna:
Yep, the lack of a working drawbridge is definitely the deal breaker for me.

That and if the moat is probably isn't walled enough to keep the zombies from just shuffling though the bottom and right into your bed side as you sleep.

Totes Ma Goats: Architect Charles Siegel Lists Epic Lake Castle []
Birdman - Fire Flame [YouTube]
25791 SW 167 Ave., Miami []
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Miami, FL real estate at

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