söndag 27 oktober 2013

renoveringsobjekt de luxe

Någon har hittat ett renoveringsobjekt i Mayfair London och har planer på att göra om det till bostad.

kunde ju vara snyggare?
Curbed.com skriver:
A pair of billionaire brothers have won planning approval to create a single-family mansion out of London's Cambridge House, formerly the clubhouse for the high-brow Naval and Military Club, better known as the In & Out" ... "with 45 rooms spread over some 60,000 square feet. In London's hyper-desirable Mayfair district"

"the potential trophy home will be outfitted with a ballroom, a 35,000-bottle wine cellar, an indoor swimming pool, and some of the grandest entertaining spaces in the city, all with park views."
Verkar finnas vad man brukar kalla för potential.

vad tycker du?

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